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Publishing Quest » Advanced Bound Manuscripts!

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I 👏 GOT 👏 MY 👏A 👏B👏Ms👏 aka Advanced Bound Manuscripts! It’s just a very basic, unformatted, uncorrected version of the manuscript (the approved final revision, but it hasn’t been through copyediting or proofreading or pass pages etc. yet), used by me, Agent, and Editor to solicit blurbs from other authors! An e-book version will be available as well, but…read more

Writing Quest » Chai Tea & Physics

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Having a little theoretical physics with my Starbucks this morning…. *resounding sigh* 🚀⁠⁠This time it’s for the sake of artificial gravity, and weirdly, I’ve only read one paper and I think I pretty much get it (as much as I “get” anything about theoretical physics lol). I might be getting better at this research thing??⁠⁠⁠What fun (or not fun) research…read more

Writing Quest » Drafting Schedule

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Tomorrow, book 2 drafting begins! ⁠⁠(Also, why can I not draw a straight line? 😞)⁠⁠For those curious, that top box says:⁠91 days / 13 weeks⁠10,000 words/wk⁠~1500 words/day⁠1000 weekday / 2500 weekend day⁠⁠I will in all likelihood not accomplish this, it’s a pretty intense regimen to keep up for three straight months. But dangit I’m gonna try 🙃😬⁠  

Coffee is Gross, Change My Mind

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You guys, it’s my first coffee… ☕️ (Yes, ever.) This is how desperate I am to finish these revisions before I go to NYC… It’s, uh … gross? lol 😅 This thing’s a … “blonde roast with extra almond milk.” I thought it’d be a -little- sweeter but 😬 There’s so many options I was a little overwhelmed tbh. Iced,…read more

Sneaky Cheese

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… ?? 🤷‍♀️🧀 I have no explanation for this revision note. None at all. Past-me was clearly tired. I literally don’t even know what it means?? There’s no way mentioning cheese, even as a “joke,” makes any sense in that scene! None! 🧀🧀🧀 Uh, so, anyone else ever find weird nonsense notes they don’t remember writing? 😅

Writing Quest » Genre Woes

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Nothing like a rainy spring day to sit down and finalize an in-world navigation and ordnance bearing system 🙄 🚀 I really thought I was done with math for this book, but I was so, so wrong. 😅 I managed to work it all out on paper, but kept getting tripped up when I tried to apply it practically in…read more