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Tactical Bujo » Platitudes Rant

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Hot take here…I love planner supplies, but I ~hate~ that they feel the need to stamp platitudes all over them. 😅⁠⁠Including this one. (Actually, ~especially~ this one, which seems to imply that the single factor that goes into success is whether you tried hard enough. Clearly if you’re not successful, you’re merely lazy and/or disorganized. 🙄 I knowwww they’re only…read more

Tactical Bujo » August Goals

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It’s August goals time already! ☀️ July recap: ✅ Finish beta for critique partner ✅ Draft ≥30k words for The Last Watch # 2 (current total is 42k!) Shiny New August Goals: ✨ Enjoy Gen Con! ✨ Draft ≥30k words for The Last Watch # 2 Keeping it simple again this month since my drafting routine pretty much maxes me…read more

Writing Quest » Drafting Schedule

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Tomorrow, book 2 drafting begins! ⁠⁠(Also, why can I not draw a straight line? 😞)⁠⁠For those curious, that top box says:⁠91 days / 13 weeks⁠10,000 words/wk⁠~1500 words/day⁠1000 weekday / 2500 weekend day⁠⁠I will in all likelihood not accomplish this, it’s a pretty intense regimen to keep up for three straight months. But dangit I’m gonna try 🙃😬⁠  

Tactical Bujo » July Goals

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Uh, it’s July goals time already! What the actual heck! 😳⁠⁠I crushed my June goals so hard I had to come up with new ones mid-month. ⁠⁠~original goals~⁠✅ Finish The Last Watch round 2 revisions!⁠✅ Finish Book 2 synopsis & send to editor⁠✅ Finish current book and read one more (Audio books are saving my life!)⁠~extra goals~⁠✅ Finish The Last…read more

Tactical BuJo » June Goals

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I can’t believe it’s already June. May went by absurdly fast. 😅 May goals recap: ✅ Chill out and enjoy NY and the NebulasBig ‘ole check! I had such a great time at both events, and learned so much both for day job and writing! ✅ Outline The Last Watch # 2I actually did this, believe it or not! It’s…read more

Tactical BuJo » May Goals

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May goals time! Better late than never 😅   April recap: ✅ Finish The Last Watch revisions (FINALLY! 🎉) ✅ Read one book Yay, I completed all my goals for once!! 😆   Keeping it simple again for May: ✨Chill out and enjoy NYC (✅) and the Nebula conference ✨Outline The Last Watch #2 ✨Read two books   CHILL OUT: I…read more

Tactical BuJo » March Goals

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How is it almost March?? In retrospect, my February goals were a biiiit lofty. 😂   FAILS:⠀ 🚫 I didn’t read ANYTHING. Except a couple chapters of a beta for a CP. 😅⠀ 🚫 I’m not NEARLY done with revisions. *But*, that wasn’t due to a lack of effort, only an inability to even remotely accurately estimate the time needed…read more

Tactical BuJo » February Goals

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February goals! 🎯 #1should be “don’t freeze to death.” 🥶 Woke up to a balmy –29 this morning. 😪 I set goals every two months, so this is what’s left for my Jan-Feb set! ✅ Bimonthly is just long-term enough for me to adequately plan ahead, but short enough to easily adjust if (work, life, or writing-related) circumstances change. I’ve found…read more

Tactical BuJo » Color Blocking

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I’ve been trying out color blocking for my 2019 planner and loving it so far! 📆 At a glance, I can easily see I neglected exercise and reading this week. 🥊📖 Then it’s easy to flip to the next week and make a reminder of what to focus on.💡 The preset weekly and monthly layouts are one of the things…read more