J.S. Dewes

NYC 2019

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Oh hi there Flatiron! 🚀📚 Had a great work trip to New York City last week. 🗽The Social Media Week conference was great and I learned a ton! I was fortunate to have enough time in the evenings to see a lot of great sites, and had the opportunity to meet my lovely editor Jen Gunnels and some of the…read more

Muse, Simulation Theory Tour

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Another epic Muse concert Friday in Chicago 🎸🤘 I was going to say “these guys really know how to put on a show” but that’s such a massive understatement. It wasn’t … let’s say as “thematic” as the Drones tour, but the lineup of songs couldn’t have been more perfect. I thought the Close Encounters reference was going to be…read more

My Day Job

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My first attempt at one of those trendy top-down cooking videos ☺️👩‍🍳🥘 There’s a couple things I’d do different next time, but it came together better than I expected. The technique is pretty simple: drown it all in soft light. 💡💡💡 And I just realized I don’t talk much about my “day job” here! I produce/shoot/edit videos for a tech…read more

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! 🎉 2018 was quite a year, and this #TopNine sums it up pretty well. Signed with my agent, finished drafting an Evil Book that gave me so much hell (and cost so much Starbucks) I didn’t think I would ever beat it, and sold my first book! 🚀✨ I hope you all have a safe and happy…read more

Tactical BuJo » Creative Recharge

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Working ahead on my bullet journal for November and enjoying this nice weather while it lasts! 🍃🍁🍂🎃 I took the last two-ish weeks off (from writing) to recharge after finishing my third book! Though being lazy has been fun (i.e. drawing a lot & watching Star Trek TNG for the first time ❤️🚀), I’m really looking forward to getting back…read more