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Tactical BuJo » May Goals

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May goals time! Better late than never 😅   April recap: ✅ Finish The Last Watch revisions (FINALLY! 🎉) ✅ Read one book Yay, I completed all my goals for once!! 😆   Keeping it simple again for May: ✨Chill out and enjoy NYC (✅) and the Nebula conference ✨Outline The Last Watch #2 ✨Read two books   CHILL OUT: I…read more

Tactical BuJo » April Goals

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Keepin’ it REAL simple this month with goals.⁣ March started out pretty rough. I got behind after traveling and getting sick—I managed to rally, but lost ~10 days of “maximized” work. But I’m not going to be hard on myself—sometimes, you just need to take a break! 😴⁣ Though I *still* haven’t finished revisions, I’m crazy happy with the changes…read more

Tactical BuJo » March Goals

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How is it almost March?? In retrospect, my February goals were a biiiit lofty. 😂   FAILS:⠀ 🚫 I didn’t read ANYTHING. Except a couple chapters of a beta for a CP. 😅⠀ 🚫 I’m not NEARLY done with revisions. *But*, that wasn’t due to a lack of effort, only an inability to even remotely accurately estimate the time needed…read more

Tactical BuJo » February Goals

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February goals! 🎯 #1should be “don’t freeze to death.” 🥶 Woke up to a balmy –29 this morning. 😪 I set goals every two months, so this is what’s left for my Jan-Feb set! ✅ Bimonthly is just long-term enough for me to adequately plan ahead, but short enough to easily adjust if (work, life, or writing-related) circumstances change. I’ve found…read more

Tactical BuJo » Color Blocking

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I’ve been trying out color blocking for my 2019 planner and loving it so far! 📆 At a glance, I can easily see I neglected exercise and reading this week. 🥊📖 Then it’s easy to flip to the next week and make a reminder of what to focus on.💡 The preset weekly and monthly layouts are one of the things…read more

2019: Making It Go

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I cheated and made my “word of the year” a phrase! 🚀 I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation for the first time last year and loved it, so I decided to go with this classic Picard quote. (I seriously considered THERE. ARE. FOUR. LIGHTS. but “Make it so” felt a little more motivational and certainly less intense. 🙃 )…read more

Achievement Unlocked 2.0!

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I’m thrilled to announce Tor Books has acquired my debut novel and its sequel! I’m so incredibly excited and honored to have the chance to work with editor Jen Gunnels and the rest of the Tor team! You may remember this book as THE DIVIDE, but a new title will be coming! (EDIT 12/14/18: We’ve decided on a title—it will be…read more

Achievement Unlocked!

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Guys, this is one of THOSE announcements. Like a singular, anomalous, once-in-a-lifetime kinda thing. ARE YOU EXCITED ME TOO I’m thrilled to announce I’m now represented by the amazing Margaret Bail of Fuse Literary! I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the Fuse team, and to have found an agent that’s as excited about THE DIVIDE* as I…read more