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Gen Con 2019

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IT’S GEN CON TIME! 🎲⚔️ For those just tuning in, Gen Con is the, ahem, “Best Four Days in Gaming,” and it’s no lie. It drowns you in dice and RPGs and tabletop games and general geekery and it’s consistently my favorite four days of the year. 🙌 This will be hubs and my ninth year of attendance, also the…read more

Tactical Bujo » August Goals

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It’s August goals time already! ☀️ July recap: ✅ Finish beta for critique partner ✅ Draft ≥30k words for The Last Watch # 2 (current total is 42k!) Shiny New August Goals: ✨ Enjoy Gen Con! ✨ Draft ≥30k words for The Last Watch # 2 Keeping it simple again this month since my drafting routine pretty much maxes me…read more

Hey, it’s the Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary!

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🚀 It’s the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing! 👩‍🚀🌙⁠ I’ll be celebrating by spending all my free time drafting the sequel to my science fiction debut ✨😅⁠⁠Which would not exist if it weren’t for the space program! My passion for all things outer space stems from my father’s childhood fascination with the Space Race (he’s the addressee…read more

Writing Quest » Drafting Schedule

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Tomorrow, book 2 drafting begins! ⁠⁠(Also, why can I not draw a straight line? 😞)⁠⁠For those curious, that top box says:⁠91 days / 13 weeks⁠10,000 words/wk⁠~1500 words/day⁠1000 weekday / 2500 weekend day⁠⁠I will in all likelihood not accomplish this, it’s a pretty intense regimen to keep up for three straight months. But dangit I’m gonna try 🙃😬⁠  

Tactical Bujo » July Goals

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Uh, it’s July goals time already! What the actual heck! 😳⁠⁠I crushed my June goals so hard I had to come up with new ones mid-month. ⁠⁠~original goals~⁠✅ Finish The Last Watch round 2 revisions!⁠✅ Finish Book 2 synopsis & send to editor⁠✅ Finish current book and read one more (Audio books are saving my life!)⁠~extra goals~⁠✅ Finish The Last…read more

Weird Al, Strings Attached

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Sooooo, this is Weird Al with dancing stormtroopers backed by a symphony orchestra… 😂 The show was GREAT, if it’s coming to your area, I can’t recommend it enough. Nostalgic for sure, and just a really fun time!