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Tactical Bujo » Platitudes Rant

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Hot take here…I love planner supplies, but I ~hate~ that they feel the need to stamp platitudes all over them. 😅⁠⁠Including this one. (Actually, ~especially~ this one, which seems to imply that the single factor that goes into success is whether you tried hard enough. Clearly if you’re not successful, you’re merely lazy and/or disorganized. 🙄 I knowwww they’re only…read more

Publishing Quest » Advanced Bound Manuscripts!

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I 👏 GOT 👏 MY 👏A 👏B👏Ms👏 aka Advanced Bound Manuscripts! It’s just a very basic, unformatted, uncorrected version of the manuscript (the approved final revision, but it hasn’t been through copyediting or proofreading or pass pages etc. yet), used by me, Agent, and Editor to solicit blurbs from other authors! An e-book version will be available as well, but…read more

Tactical Bujo » September Goals

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It’s almost September? Apparently? First up, August recap: ✅ Enjoy Gen ConThis was a really easy goal, obviously. I also can’t believe that was technically only a month ago, it feels like approximately nine years. ❎ Draft ≥30k of The Last Watch #2Technically this is a check, as I’m now at a total of 65,000 words 🙌 However about 10…read more

Writing Quest » Chai Tea & Physics

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Having a little theoretical physics with my Starbucks this morning…. *resounding sigh* 🚀⁠⁠This time it’s for the sake of artificial gravity, and weirdly, I’ve only read one paper and I think I pretty much get it (as much as I “get” anything about theoretical physics lol). I might be getting better at this research thing??⁠⁠⁠What fun (or not fun) research…read more

Skyrim #4

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Okay, I’ve now bought Skyrim for the FOURTH time 😅 This time for the Switch. WHY IS THIS GAME SO GOOD. I can’t count how many times I’ve suffered through this absurdly long intro. But it’s worth it every time. I’m having trouble deciding how to spec this time. 🤔 I normally go for heavy DPS greatsword types but I’ve…read more

Gen Con 2019 » Now Cometh the Dark Week

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Gen Con haul! 🎲 Got some great games, art, and other geeky wonderfulness. The writer’s symposium was fun and informative as always, and got to hang out with my editor again which was super fun! Thanks @gen_con for another amazing year!⁠⁠Now it is The Dark Week, the week during which everything is sad, and we are at the farthest point from…read more