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Tactical BuJo » June Goals

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I can’t believe it’s already June. May went by absurdly fast. 😅 May goals recap: ✅ Chill out and enjoy NY and the NebulasBig ‘ole check! I had such a great time at both events, and learned so much both for day job and writing! ✅ Outline The Last Watch # 2I actually did this, believe it or not! It’s…read more

SFWA Nebula Conference 2019

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Finally, my thoughts on the 2019 Nebula conference! 😅🚀✨ First off, I just want to shout out the amazing people at SFWA and their volunteers for putting on a great conference. For someone who’s attended many poorly-run events over the years, it was refreshing to walk into one that was so well-organized. Not to mention so friendly, diverse, and accepting!  (Random side…read more

Nebula Awards Banquet 2019

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Wellllll, I had an amazing first Nebulas experience! Everyone was incredibly nice and welcoming 😊 Much like post-NY just a couple short weeks ago, I’m finding myself super exhausted, but I’ll share all my take-aways once I’ve recovered! 😴

SFWA Nebulas 2019 Day One

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Day one of the 2019 SFWA Nebulas Conference was a success! I was warned about the books, but holy crap, so very many books 📚😅 All the panels I attended were really great, especially enjoyed the talk on realistic military in fiction. Looking forward to day 2!

2019 SFWA Nebula Conference Incoming

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SFWA Nebula Conference incoming! L-minus five days! I’m not panicking! 😅 As a max-level introvert, I’m a bit nervous about all the forthcoming socializing. Howeverrrrr, since it’s my first publishing-related event, I’m *also* super excited to meet industry folks while soaking up some career-related wisdom at the great panels I’ve got on the agenda! 📖✍ I’m also feeling grateful for…read more

Tactical BuJo » May Goals

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May goals time! Better late than never 😅   April recap: ✅ Finish The Last Watch revisions (FINALLY! 🎉) ✅ Read one book Yay, I completed all my goals for once!! 😆   Keeping it simple again for May: ✨Chill out and enjoy NYC (✅) and the Nebula conference ✨Outline The Last Watch #2 ✨Read two books   CHILL OUT: I…read more

NYC 2019

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Oh hi there Flatiron! 🚀📚 Had a great work trip to New York City last week. 🗽The Social Media Week conference was great and I learned a ton! I was fortunate to have enough time in the evenings to see a lot of great sites, and had the opportunity to meet my lovely editor Jen Gunnels and some of the…read more