Pitch Wars #PimpMyBio 2016

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Stay awhile and listen...
I’m apparently caught up in the undercurrent of Twitter hashtags for Pitch Wars. Accordingly, I’m going to “pimp my bio” and fill said-pimping with animated GIFs.


So… here goes.

What I Like

I love space. Above all else.


I’d be the first in line to volunteer for a one-way trip to Mars (or wherever), even though it’d make my mom cry. (Sorry, Mom.)

Other things I don’t hate:
> Video Games
> Drawing
> Movies/TV/Books
> Volleyball
> My dog
> Husband’s alright (but for real, he’s my BFF and if we didn’t have to adult, we’d spend every second together)


I like dinosaurs, starships, aliens, swords, dragons, time travel, apocalyptic events, and in every RPG I play, I wield the largest two-handed sword I can find, kick down the door, and ask questions later.


But IRL I’m an introvert, and though friends are alright, I prefer characters.

Movies and TV are great, I try to consume in moderation, but we all know how that goes. Anything set in space, I’m 100% in, particularly near future. I geek out about natural disaster/end of the world movies, and it doesn’t matter how terrible it is, I will love it.


I get way too excited when characters don’t pull their punches or make epic, terrifying decisions that result in people dying (and yet, was the exact right call). For this reason, The 100 is the shit. My favorite movies are Everest (because it’s haunting and heartbreaking and I had nightmares for weeks), and Sunshine (because that’s exactly how I want to die).



To be honest, I’m not the biggest reader you’ll ever meet. I do enjoy it though! I have my own worlds swirling in my head and I have trouble reading while I’m writing or brainstorming, so I’m a bit behind on my list of “to-read”s.


When I do, it’s science fiction and fantasy all the way, and I love me some series. Give me cliffhangers and big, epic resolutions that take forever to payoff. I love Mistborn, Codex Alera, Iron Druid, and I’m five books into Wheel of Time, and it’s great so far. My husband claims the payoff is worth the four and half million words to get there. I believe him, for now.

I just re-read Rendezvous with Rama and fell in love again, and then I just about fangirled myself into a heart attack when I discovered there are THREE SEQUELS. They’re in my stack to read, just above The Gunslinger and that dauntingly thick tome, Dune.

That Writing Thing I Do Now

I loved writing when I was a kid. I had a big-ass typewriter that weighed more than I did and I spent countless hours writing stories. Then the siren song of visual media called to me, and I went to school for film. That’s how I’ve made my living since graduation, and though I love telling stories through video, there’s something about the written word that’s just too perfect to ignore. So here I am!


Though I’ve written dozens of scripts, my current MS, THE HIGHWAYMEN, is my first attempt at writing fiction. The beginning is a mess and the end needs tweaking, but I’m pretty sure the middle is not half bad.

If nothing else, the ten weeks I spent writing the first draft was the most fun I think I’ve ever had. Revisions have been… less fun… but I’m learning and enjoying every aspect of the process! 🙂

My strengths:

My weaknesses:
Balancing world building and backstory, pacing in
early chapters, probably a thousand other things

I’m walking away from THE HIGHWAYMEN for the first time since April to get some much needed space. In the mean time, my brain has already started cooking up another concept for my next novel. Hard sci-fi this time, and I’m going to read the loot I acquired at GenCon this year for inspiration – the Polaris and Eclipse Phase RPG books! HERE WE GO!

Polaris Eclipse Phase

Fun Facts

Music I listen to:
Muse, Led Zeppelin, any/all classic rock

Video games I love:
Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Fallout,
and it’s early to say for sure, but I’m fairly confident: No Man’s Sky

What I realized I wanted to do after I’d already
been to college and it was far too late:


And lastly…

My inspiration for this new MS came from the same song that inspired THE HIGHWAYMEN. So I’m very glad I randomly stumbled across it. And, OMG, in looking for a link to share it with you all, I stumbled across the “official” music video… Wow. Just wow: